First Ever ASEH Trivia Quiz (in honor of 40th anniversary)

Designed for outgoing ASEH President Kathleen Brosnan
  1. ASEH has met in this city twice – once in 1991 and once in 2005. What is the city? Answer: Houston.
  2. Who served as the local arrangements committee chair for those conferences? Answer: Marty Melosi and Kathy Brosnan.
  3. Who founded ASEH? Answer: John Opie and others.
  4. When was ASEH founded? Answer: 1977.
  5. How many times has ASEH met in Chicago? Answer: Once – in 2017.
  6. How many times has ASEH met in Canada? Once in Victoria, BC (2004) and once in Toronto (2013).
  7. Bonus Chicago question: name the 2 baseball teams in Chicago. Answer: White Sox and Cubs but Kathy would only mention White Sox.