the first ever aseh environmental film quiz

Prepared by environmental film buff and treasurer Mark Madison

1. Considered by many to be the earliest documentary, this 1922 film described the life of Inuits in northern Canada.

Answer: Nanook of the North

Bonus question: What was Nanook’s real name? Answer: Allakariallak

2. This 1936 Resettlement Administration film was largely funded by the New Deal filmmaker, Pare Lorentz, after he lost his receipts and the government refused to reimburse him.

Answer: The Plow that Broke the Plains

3. The French version of this 2005 Academy Award Winning film had all the narration conducted by the penguins themselves rather than the narrator Morgan Freeman.

Answer: March of the Penguins

4. This 1958 Disney True-Life Adventure chronicled the myth of lemming suicide by driving or even pushing scared lemmings into a large river.

Answer: White Wilderness