the first ever environmental history/basketball quiz

Based on John McNeill’s “First Ever Baseball/Environmental History Quiz” of 2011...Incoming President Gregg Mitman delivered this quiz after John's presidential address in Toronto, April 2013.

1. Almost every year “March Madness” coincides with an important event in environmental history. What is that event? Hint: this event is very important to ASEH.
Answer: The annual ASEH conference!

2. This city’s famous basketball court was based on a 3-D computer program and features an uneven surface resembling a rollercoaster, with heights and depths and “calm” and “dynamic” zones. Sports writers have called it “the world’s craziest basketball court.” Where is it located? Hint: it’s the same city where the Rachel Carson Center is located.
Answer: Munich.

3. Where is Blue Devil Cameron Indoor Stadium located? Hint: It’s the same city where the Forest History Society is located.
Answer: Durham, North Carolina.

4. Duke Coach Mike Krzyzewski coached Team USA to an Olympic gold medal in 2008 in what city? Hint: It’s the same city that just opened a new ecological history center at Renmin University.
Answer: Beijing.

5. In 1995 this professional basketball team was established in Toronto, as part of the NBA’s expansion into Canada. Hint: some of these will be spotted on ASEH’s birding field trip on Friday afternoon.
Answer: Raptors.

6. Which team did the Bulls defeat in the 1996 NBA finals? Hint: this team was from the same city where ASEH will hold its 2016 conference – 20 years later.
Answer: Seattle (Supersonics). Note: the Sonics later moved to Oklahoma, where ASEH has not yet met.