List of Posters



The following is a preliminary list of posters to be displayed at ASEH’s 2014 conference in San Francisco from March 13-15, 2013. Presenters will be available to discuss their posters on Saturday evening, March 15 – and an award will be given for the most effective poster.

Hossein Ayazi, University of California, Berkeley – “’Tell Me What You Eat and I Shall Tell You What You Are’: Nostalgia, Pure Food, and the Cleansing of the American Body-Nation in the Progressive Era”

Baisakhi Bandyopadhyay, Indian National Science Academy – “Crossing Divides between Modern and Traditional Ecological Knowledge in South Asia: A Comparative Study”

Ramon Felipe Bicudo da Silva, University of Campinas-Brazil – “Landscape in Transition: Socio-Economic Change Feedbacks”

Jacob Blackwell, University of Oklahoma – "Conflict at the Wellhead: Natural Gas and Irrigation in the Southern Plains"

Jeffrey Mitchell Brideau, University of Maryland – “Après Nous, Le Déluge: The St. Lawrence Seaway and the Remaking of Adjacent Communities”

Benjamin Carver, Northern Arizona University -  "Desperate Men, Dormant Mountains: Relief Work and Rocky Mountain Parks in the U.S. and Canada during the Great Depression"

Amilcar E. Challu, Bowling Green State University – "Stewardship: Destroying or Restoring?"

Joseph Cialdella, University of Michigan – “In Search of Greener Pastures: Detroit, African Americans, and Nature During the Great Depression”

C.N.E., Corbin, University of California-Berkeley, "From Chocolate City to Green City: (Re)Visualizing the Historical Layers of Lake Merritt's Political Landscape in Oakland, CA"

Bathsheba Demuth, University of California-Berkeley - “Natural History as Human History: Ecology in Communist and Capitalist Development in the Bering Straits”

Adrienne M. Ellis, Gettysburg College and Randall Wilson, Gettysburg College – “An Evolution of Landscape and Meaning: The Case of Gettysburg National Military Park”

Leif Fredrickson, University of Virginia - "Childhood Lead Poisoning in Twentieth-Century Baltimore: Urban Renewal, Automobiles, and Climate"

Hayley Goodchild, McMaster University – “For Every Farm a Factory: Framing Labour and Landscape in the Ontario Dairy Industry, 1860-1900”

Pam Mei Wai Graybeal, University of California-Berkeley – “Dancing the Grounds: Resilience, Connectivity, and Continuity through Music”

Ian J. Jesse, University of Maine – “’A Great Hobby For the Man With a Work-Bench’: DIY Taxidermy and Middle-Class Masculinity”

Olga Kachina, California State University-East Bay – “ Russia's Environmental Problems of Weapons of Mass Destruction”

Jeff A Kellermeyer, Bowling Green State University and Amilcar E Challu, Bowling Green State University – “ Haiti’s Regions: Environmental Disasters & Biological Wellbeing, 1950-1985”

James Klepek, Barry Allen, and Lee Lines, Rollins College – “Traditional Agricultural Landscapes: An Emerging Paradigm for World Heritage”

Jeffrey Kosiorek, Bradley University – “Troubled Waters: Degradation of the Arkansas Watershed from De Soto to the Civil War”

Kim Little, University of Central Arkansas – “Tornadic Transitions: The 1896 and 1927 St. Louis Twisters' Places in the City's Environmental History”

Courtney Lynne McMillan, University of North Carolina, Pembroke – “Stick Wilderness”

Phillip Dwight Morgan, McMaster University – “Functions and Relations: The Social and Ecological Impact of Toronto’s Smart Growth Agenda”

Jackie Mirandola Mullen, University at Albany, SUNY – “Work and Play? Coastal conservation at Cape Cod and Point Reyes”

Stephen O'Connell, University of Central Arkansas – “Data Accuracy, Data Quality, and Historical GIS: Challenges and Possibilities”

James Ormond, University of Brighton - "'Changing our Environment, Changing Ourselves: The Work of Peter Dickens"

Zygmunt Jan Broel Plater, Boston College – “Rescuing the Snail Darter—Revising the History of Little Fishes that Blocked a Dam, ‘The Most Extreme Environmental Case Ever,’ An Icon of Liberal Foolishness”

Julie Pyatt, University of California – Berkeley – “Oral Histories: Sea Island Landscape, Climate Change and Medicine”

James Pritchard, Iowa State University - “RAGBRAI:  Cycling & Identity in a Working Landscape"

Vahid Riahi,  Kharazmi University-Tehran, Iran and Simin Tavallaei, Kharazmi  University-Tehran, Iran – “The Investigation of Environmental Hazards Regarding Squatter Settlements in Islamshahr Tehran”

Linda Marie Richards, Oregon State University - "Twenty Nine Thousand, Six Hundred Hiroshimas"

Alison Rieser and Jennifer Bernstein, University of Hawaii - "Chelonians, Cosmetics and Consumption: California's Role in Ending Trade in Green Sea Turtles"

Alexandra Ritter, University of Arizona – “For the Good of Neptune: Southern California Surfers and the Environment from the 1950s to the 1980s”

Steven Rodriguez, University of California-Los Angeles "'I Prefer to Die on the Mountain:' Local Resistance to National Park Development on Mount Merapi"

Jaclyn R Rushing, University of Oregon – “Melting Glaciers and Gender: Perspectives on Climate Change Impacts, Vulnerability, and Women's Cultural Expressions”

Danielle Ryan, Western State Colorado University – “Can a Mining Community be Resilient?”

Ben Stenuit, Catholic University of Louvain – "Warfare ecology and environmental history of explosive-contaminated ecosystems from World War I: Case studies in Belgium one century after the outbreak of the Great War"

Victoria Danielle Thompson, University of North Carolina-Pembroke – “Pastoral over Time: The Change in Season”

Jay Turner, Wellesley College - "Recycling Alkaline Batteries in a Throwaway Society:  A Low Voltage History of Modern Waste Management"

Axel Utz, “Two Ways of Crossing a Desert: Local Resources and Global Expansion in O'odham Country, 1690-1760”