Plenary Sessions and Lunch Talks

Thursday morning, March 13 - Plenary Session on "Lost in Translation: Environmental History in a Global Context"

In the last decade, environmental history has attracted an increasingly diverse array of interest from all over the globe. This is evidenced by the rapid growth of regional environmental history societies in Latin America, Europe, and Asia as well as the formation of an International Consortium of Environmental History Organizations. As more scholars from around the world pursue environmental history research and more Americanists look for global comparisons, new questions arise concerning the translation of mostly Americanist ideas and norms in other cultural and linguistic contexts. For example, how does one translate such terms as nature, conservation and wilderness? More practically, how do environmental historians engage professionally in universities and institutes where environmental history is still largely unknown?

Moderator: David Biggs, University of California-Riverside

John Agbonfino, Osun State University - Osagbo, Nigeria

Claudia Leal, Universidad de los Andes - Bogota, Columbia

Christof Mauch, Rachel Carson Center - Munich, Germany

Donald Worster, Renmin University - Beijing, China

Hou Shen, Renmin University - Beijing, China

Thursday lunch, March 13 - Michel Gelobter, founder and chairman of Climate Cooler and a leading sustainability and climate strategist, will speak on "Environmental Justice and Sustainability: From Slavery to Fossil Fuels."

Thursday evening, March 13 - Plenary Session/Discussion with California poets Gary Snyder, Pulitzer Prize recipient, and Robert Hass, former U.S. poet laureate.

Saturday lunch, March 15 - Richard White, Stanford University, will speak on "California Time:  The Past in the Present" - an exploration into using modern photographs as a visual text to see the history embedded in landscapes. Sponsored by Forest History Society.