child care

Children are welcome at ASEH's conferences - and other sections of this website list family activities that might appeal to children. The following can be consulted for babysitting services:

UrbanSitters has listings for Riverside childcare.

Also see KidsPark for local childcare options.

Contact if you have questions or concerns.

Recognizing the limitations on what we can do as a Society, we are nonetheless responding to changing needs and expectations surrounding this question, and implementing the following experiment in Riverside. ASEH has set aside limited funds to underwrite some of the costs that families may incur in securing child care. Rates for this service vary widely but average about $15 per hour per child. ASEH will attempt to reimburse individuals/ families at a rate of $10 per hour for a total of up to ten hours of childcare per family during the conference. Requests - with appropriate detailed receipts - should be submitted to the ASEH director Lisa Mighetto as a single PDF file by 31 March 2018. Please use subject line “ASEH Conference – Child Care.” We will establish a committee to allocate such funds as are available. Should the demand exceed our capacity to meet all requests, partial payments may be necessary.

We will review the results of this experiment in the latter part of 2018, assess its costs and utility, and move forward accordingly.

-Graeme Wynn, ASEH President
-Lisa Mighetto, ASEH Executive Director
-Julie Cohn, Women's Environmental History Network President