People, Place, and Voice: Oral History Basics for Environmental Historians

Wednesday, March 14 - Riverside Convention Center
Room MR 1 [lower level], 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. lunch included
Leaders: Debbie Lee, Washington State University; Jamie Lewis, Forest History Society; Kathryn Newfont, University of Kentucky; and Donna Sinclair, Washington State University-Vancouver

This workshop will focus on the collection and use of oral history by environmental historians and the broader heritage and history community. Emphasis will be on the role of oral history in documenting and interpreting the past and the practical skills and knowledge needed to conduct and preserve recorded interviews. Attendees will share project experience and ideas, explore oral history strategy, conduct practice interviews, and participate in group discussion. The workshop will examine oral history preparation, choosing and using equipment, interview techniques, the role of archives in oral history production and use, and interview analysis. This will be an ideal learning experience for the novice, a great review and networking opportunity for all, and a time to explore the role of oral history in environmental history. Includes lunch.