advertising at the 2019 conference

This information pertains to ASEH's next conference in Columbus, Ohio (April 10-14, 2019). It will be updated with the online registration system link in late September 2018.

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There are four ways to promote your press or organization at ASEH’s next conference:

1. Ad in conference program (one-page, two-page, or half-page); also includes electronic version posted on conference website under heading “new scholarship in environmental history.”

2. Listing in conference program app (this is separate from the website and includes four images, which could be book covers, along with links to the books and brief descriptions). For example, see ASEH 2014 San Francisco conference app on Guidebook (search for aseh2014) and ASEH conferences 2015-2018 on Guidebook. Go to “Exhibits” and “Featured Scholarship” in the app.

3. Logo, brief description, and link in the “featured sponsor” section of ASEH’s website for a 30-day period. See homepage of this website, lower right corner.

4. Co-sponsor the plenary session.

Instructions and fees explained below:

1.  Ad in conference program

Advertisements will appear in the conference program, which will be printed for all conference participants and will be available on ASEH's website beginning in Mach 2019. Black & white works best for the printed program; color looks best for the website version. You can submit two versions - or a single file in black & white.

½-page ad:
Size: 5 ¼"h x 8"w
Price: $175

Full-page ad:
Size: 10 ½"h x 8"w
Price: $250

Two-page ad:
Size 10 1/2" h x 8"w
Price: $450

Specifications for ad in the conference program:

Files for print ads should be submitted as 300 dpi, high resolution, image and font embedded, PDF or JPG files. Files submitted in other formats, or files requiring reformatting, may require additional fees. Please note that the conference program is printed in b&w.

Deadline for ad in the conference program: Advertisements and payment must be received by December 15, 2018. Please e-mail advertisement files to David Spatz at

Advertisers can sign up for ads and submit payment on this website starting in late September 2018.

2.  Listing in program app

Send 4-6 images, along with URLs and a one-sentence description each to David Spatz at JPG files required for the app; 150 dpi. Fee: $100.

Deadline for listing in program app: Materials and payment must be received by December 15, 2018. Please e-mail materials to David Spatz at

3. “Featured Sponsor” listing on ASEH’s homepage for 30 days

Send logo, 150 dpi, along with link and 2-3 sentence description to David Spatz at First come, first served. Fee: $100.

4. Co-sponsor the reception of the Women's Environmental History Network in Columbus, Ohio.

This option is available on the registration form. Cost: $100. To be listed in the conference program and app, materials and payment must be received by December 15, 2018. Sponsors will also be acknowledged on the website, on signage at the conference, and during the welcome remarks.

Payment and Registration:

register now to exhibit and advertise at ASEH 2019!


Contact David Spatz at