Writing Workshops for Students

“Talk to an Expert: Writing Workshops for Graduate Students”

The Grad Caucus is pleased to announce applications are open for the Student Writing Workshops to be held at the ASEH annual meeting in Riverside, California, in 2018. This year, selected participants will join in personal discussions with a faculty mentor and other three or four students within their fields to work on pre-circulated pieces of writing. The purpose of this change is to increase the number of students that can collaborate with mentors and scholars in similar topics in order to develop their writing and research skills.

These meetings will be organized by type of material: thesis/dissertation proposals; conference papers; journal articles (including Gallery submissions); and thesis/dissertation chapters. Mentors and participants in these small groups can set their own convenient meeting time during lunch, sessions, or breaks. The meeting will emphasize all aspects of the writing process, from cultivating the first germ of a project, to chapter organization and revision, to shaping proposals and abstracts, with the intention of tailoring the meetings to participant needs.

To apply, submit a one-page (double-spaced) summary of the work you intend to submit for the workshop. Please note that a 15-20 maximum page limit will be enforced for the final submission. Applicants are invited to submit their most current work. Note in your one-page application the subject matter of your work, as well as the format and intended audience. Please be as specific as possible as it will assist the organizers in matching students and faculty. In addition to the one-page summary, include a one-paragraph bio indicating your research agenda, educational affiliation, and current contact information. Applications should be sent via email to both Lorena Campuzano (lcampuz1@binghamton.edu) and Kerri Clement (Kerri.Clement@colorado.edu). The deadline for applications is December 1, 2017. Please note that, if accepted, the final version of your work must be submitted to your faculty reader and peers no later than February 25, 2017.

Once the groups are confirmed, papers are sent to faculty members and we will provide information so the participants and faculty mentors can set their own meeting time during ASEH 2018, as best convenient for the parties.  Although the meeting time is flexible, each paper will receive same feedback of peers and faculty mentors in their groups. Any questions please contact Kerri Clement or Lorena Campuzano.

List of Faculty Mentors Participating

Dr. Christopher Boyer
Dr. Finis Dunaway
Dr. Sarah Payne
Dr. Michael Chiarappa
Dr. Gregory Rosenthal
Dr. Michael Reidy

“Writing with the Experts: An Interactive Writing Session”

Anastasia Day has organized “Writing With the Experts,” featuring former ASEH president Dr. Steven Pyne in an participatory and interactive discussion of what makes for good historical writing. During this session, Dr. Pyne will discuss and parse a limited number of brief essays. Grad Caucus members should stay tuned for an opportunity to submit brief (1800 words or less) writing passages as the conference nears. This session is scheduled for Saturday, March 17, 1:30 - 3:00 p.m.